Western Canada Steel & Technologies Inc.

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We offer the expertise, services and strategic vision to work on your current system, optimizing performance and reducing its total costs. If you are interested in the revolution of your HVAC system, contact us and we will make the assessment that fits your needs, we go all the way from the HVAC/AUTOMATION project to the start-up of the installed solution. Each of our proposals for HVAC controls is created with one thought in mind: to achieve the optimum. The goal is to help create and maintain a comfortable indoor environment. We are aware of the technical complexity of HVAC systems and the difficulty of management and performance optimization HVAC. Our extensive line of products for the climate control is designed to simplify and satisfy our customers.


Our trade/finance solutions are oriented to provide strong logistics support, joined with our expertise in the documentary requirements of international trade and most critically creating a strong financing platform for our client's business and to provide finance to ease cash flow for certain industries, support off balance sheet financing and give creative solutions for complicated logistics and financing challenges; as well as providing the management of the supply chain for each contract and therefore creating stock financing solutions for clients both on the purchase side and on the sales side of transactions.


If you are a contractor, building manager or wholesaler who is in need of HVAC spare parts, Our huge network of products and services, we can make available for you to point you in the right direction, helping to access the parts need to complete your project or replace a damaged one.


We can attend specific needs and provide solutions in power generation for different sectors/industries such as: telecommunications, banking, hotels, airports, railway, army, shopping malls, hospitals and factories covering a wide range of generation from 1 Kva to 3,000 Kva, using most recognized brands for the engines and generators and spare parts.


Our solutions enable retailers to reach a new level of efficiency by providing greater visibility in to inventory as it moves across the supply chain. With real-time tracking information, retailers always know where their critical business assets are. RFID is a rapidly developing technology and Virginland is leading the way in item-level tagging which starts at source and ends at store. Retailers, brand owners and apparel manufacturers worldwide are selecting Virginland's label and tag products for their RIFD needs. Our full supply chain solution makes us the partner of choice for the successful implementation of RFID, from a pilot program to full-scale roll-out.