Western Canada Steel & Technologies Inc.

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Alternative Energy

Inverters, Chargers and Solar Panel

We can supply Pure and Modified Sine Wave DC - AC Power Inverters from 100 W up to 6000 W output, Inverters with Battery Charger, Solar Charge Controllers, Battery Chargers, Transfer Switches, Solar Panels, Portable Charging kits, AC - DC power supply, DC - DC power converters.

Inverter PST-300-12

Inverter PST-600-24

Inverter SAM-450-12_RGB

Battery Charger SEC-1215UL

Battery Charger SEC-2415UL

Solar Panels MSK-90

Deep Cycle Batteries

We offer Deep Cycle Batteries, proudly manufactured in the USA by the company US Battery in 6V, 8V and 12V for different applications such as Solar Energy, Golf Karts, Marine Applications, R.Vs, Heavy Duty Military Ordinance.

Model US 145XC2

Model US 2200XC2


Model US 12VXC2