Western Canada Steel & Technologies Inc.

Complete Technology Solutions and a reliable Steel Supplier at the same time


All our partners are companies with a long standing reputation in their own field of business, with a strong customer service vocation and deeply compromised with the quality of their products or services they provide.

Steelinvest Group

Since its inception in 2001 the group's focus has been on building a global representation through its own offices whilst maintaining a tight cost structure. The Group's strategy has been to provide strong logistics support, expertise in the documentary requirements of international trade and most critically a strong financing platform for its clients business and has built its business and reputation on the quality and experience of its services in the management of the supply chain between producing mills and consumers of steel products and steel making raw materials. 

Today the group is represented by its own offices in many of the major centres of the steel trade - China ,India ,Hong Kong,Singapore, UAE, South Africa , Turkey, Europe, London, Mexico ,USA and through its partnership with Western Canada Steel and Technologies Inc, in Canada.

The group has developed organically through investing in close relationships with internationally recognized steel producers and through the strong financing platform the group now enjoys has been able to consistently provide a value added service for both steel mills and raw material suppliers as well as easing the cash flow pressure for consumers of steel products.


Westford Trade Services (WTS)

Was created as a result of the crisis of 2008 during which it became clear that the banks who had been the backbone of finance in international trade were no longer going to perform that function at the same level and that the demand for alternative solutions was going to increase dramatically.

WTS is a group in whom a major international logistics group, based in Asia, have an equity stake. Their warehousing and logistics platform worldwide ,especially in Asia - particularly China, Malaysia and Singapore, Africa and Europe have enabled WTS to create stock financing solutions for clients both on the purchase side and on the sales side of transactions . Through private funding and bank finance WTS has a growing capacity to provide finance to ease cash flow for certain industries, support off balance sheet financing and give creative solutions for complicated logistics and financing challenges.

WTS always acts as principal in these transactions, buying and selling the commodity in question, but with a transparent fee structure that the client can include in his purchasing or selling calculations. WTS focuses on commodities only and on commodity trade finance, not financing of projects or assets. The group has its own offices in London,Turkey, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai . The range of products it finances is considerable as it not only handles steel and raw materials ( coal, iron ore, scrap, chrome ore, bauxite ) but also other commodities such as non-ferrous metals, soya, wheat and maize, pulses, fertilizers, cocoa, coffee, plastics and oil.


U.S. BATTERY Manufacturing Company

Established in 1928 in the USA, being one of the leaders in this business the company manufactures flooded lead acid Deep Cycle Batteries in 6, 8 and 12 volts for different uses and industries such as: Solar Renewable Energy Storage, Golf, Marine, Sweepers, Scrubbers, Lift Access, Automotive, Military and Conversion. The company also supplies different AGM type batteries.


Xingtel Group

Established in 1994, Xingtel has quickly become one of the leading OEM, ODM and EMS manufacturers for telecom products from VoIP (Corded/Cordless/ATA), IAD handset, DECT (6.0 & 1.8G), Amplified phones, GSM 900Mhz, Caller ID phones, to Bluetooth speakers, qi standard wireless charging and other smart phone accessories, video doorbell, home security and other products. Xingtel is located in Xiamen in the Southeast of China.

Xingtel has close business relationships with more than 40 national PTT's and is producing for many name brands, such as Siemens/Gigaset, France Telecom, British Telecom, Samsung, AT&T, Motorola, Telefonica, Kpn, Swisscom, OTE, Telmex, T-com, NEC, Verizon, Uniden, D-Link, Philips, Telia, Korea Telecom and many others. At Xingtel, they have implemented the ISO9001:2000 certificated Total Quality Control and ERP System. In Nov. 2006, Xingtel obtained the QC080000 IECQ certificate of Hazardous Substance Process Management issued by SGS. ISO14000, the Environmental Management System Certificate WAS also obtained in 2012 due to a number of facility upgrades.


Virginland Technology Co., Ltd. (Trust Tag brand)

Established in China by 2004 the company has become one of the biggest manufacturers/provider of retail theft solutions. Their objective since day 1 has been to help increase retail sales while decreasing shrinkage, in up to 75%, through the use of innovative and high quality loss prevention products, based on anticipating the needs of the customers. The in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable them to design products which are tough and easy to use. Also being able to meet short supply windows for partners that have urgent needs for tags, labels, detachers and systems, offering over 75 variations of hard tags and 20 detaching mechanisms to meet the needs of any customer.

With 12 automated lines to assemble and quality inspect the products Virginland can produce up to 250,000 hard tags daily and the automatic sew-in label machines are capable of yielding 15 million units each month. Their web based service software enables them to ship in as little as 3 days.


Samlex America Inc

Established in 1991, the company manufactures a wide range of innovative Power Conversion products such as: DC - AC power inverters, AC - DC power supplies, battery chargers, solar charge controllers, solar panels and kits to customers around the globe providing quality products at competitive prices & supported by the best customer service in the industry. OEM, custom design & private label services are offered as well as specialized component manufacturing factories & assembly facilities located in Europe, Asia and North America. Samlex serves the markets of communications, electronics & alternative energy, supported by a extensive distributor network.



Established in 1996 the company manufactures super Diesel Generator Sets; covering a range from 1 Kva to 3,000 Kva, using Cummins, Perkins, Deutz series world famous diesel engines and Stamford, Leroy Somer, Marathon series AC alternators & OTOSA series generator. With 2 manufacturing plants, one in Shenzhen Guangdong Province ,which mainly product generators projects for Chinese domestic market and the other factory is located at Fujian Province, which mainly product Cummins, Perkins, Deutz genet and Chinese brands gen sets. OTOSA generators cover varied types intended for general and specific uses, including standard type, soundproof type, Mobile type, containerized type. The products are widely used in telecom systems, highway, project companies, financial systems, hotels, airports, railway, army, shopping mall, hospitals, factories, among other. The company complies strictly with ISO 9001 Quality System & follow ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in diesel & gas generators manufacturing industry.